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~ Andy W. Shepherd

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If you apply the same formula to your life over and over again, you will always get the same outcome. For many years, I did not understand this. As a result, I had a lot of difficulties in my life and consistently found myself in places that I didn't want to be in. I was a victim of my life, instead of the captain of it.

Finally, I started to search for a new formula, and discovered that there are proven strategies that, when applied, can institute immediate change in a person's life. I've been fortunate to be mentored by some of the greats of today - foremost of whom has been Tony Robbins.

As I've applied the techniques that I've gleaned from the greats to my own life, I was able to free myself. I am no longer a victim - I am the author and creator of my experiences. I have been able to transform my circumstances and become fully present in my own life.

Now, it's my life's mission to share this formula with others. I aim to assist you in anyway I can by helping to bring you back to yourself - to remind you of who are, who were meant to be, and how to arrive in your own life. Don't you think it's about time you showed up? Let's take the journey together.​​​​​​​

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Starting Point

This is both the starting point and the finish line of our coaching sessions together. I help guide you through the process of identifying and naming your greatest pain, and your greatest desire. From there, the next step is to fill in the details.

As we navigate our way from Point A to Point B, there are many tools and resources that I will be able to use to provide maximum results in minimum time. Most of us are programmed to believe that changes takes a very long time.  I know of people that have paid hundreds and thousands of dollars over years and years of therapy, with little to no return on investment.

But what if you could spend a fraction of that time and money to get the results that you desire? This isn't only possible - it is within your reach right now.

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The Sessions

My coaching sessions are generally one hour, four times a month. I traditionally work in three-month blocks with my clients. However, if you feel your particular situation requires more intense one-on-one time, we can craft a plan specific to your unique needs.

Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call Today to find out more about my customized coaching packages.​​​​​​​

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There are many techniques in which I have been trained and certified, but the greatest gift I have to offer you is my attention to detail. During the course of our sessions together, I be able to thoroughly come to understand the path that is already laid out in front of you, and help you take the necessary steps to take it. We just need to clear away the stones on your path that are blocking you from living the life you want.

Strategic Intervention

Also referred to as Human Needs Psychology, this is a theory and an application that helps us to understand the lens you're looking through, and how to adjust that lens in order to create instantaneous change. There are many experiences and beliefs in your life that have shaped your unique lens, which in turn shapes the way you view and interact with the world around you. As we can change your existing perspective and belief system, we can change the outcome of your life. Some of the masters in applying the principles of Strategic Intervention have been inspirational leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi.​​​​​​​

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Also known as NLP, is based on the idea that you are constantly creating and reaffirming messages to yourself and your mindset through different physical signals - both visible and invisible. The way that you breathe, the thoughts that you have, the words that you use, the way that you carry yourself, etc. - these all have an impact on your life. If you were to change these patterns, you could change your outcome. This strategy has successfully been applied in fields like personal communication, psychotherapy, and communication.   It is particular known for its ability to produce instantaneous changes in a person's believe patterns and behavior, such as in the case of phobias, bad habits, and learning disorders.

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Law of Attraction

This was made wildly popular with the book and the movie, The Secret. The basic principle here is that we attract our own experiences - for better or for worse. However, it is not enough to just understand or to believe this principle. There is a specific application that must take place in your life in order for you to manifest your deepest desires. As I've applied this formula to my life, I have personally uncovered even more information that is not presented in the popular book and movie. I will walk you through these exclusive applications and principles so that you can magnify the results of the Law of Attraction.​​​​​​​

What is the biggest block to your personal or business success right now?
The one thing that would have the greatest impact if it were changed or removed?


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​​​​​​Born in Derby, U.K.

The Silk Mill On The Derwent River, Derby, U.K.

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I grew up in the Center of England in a town called Derby. I was brought up helping out in my mother’s vegetarian restaurant, where I got my first taste of entrepreneurship. I earned a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Birmingham University, then worked for 12 years at Digital Equipment Company, where I served as Barclay's Bank installation project leader, Chief Engineer, Technical Engineer, and the Site Coordinator of 60 sites.

I later founded the successful language school, "Mr. Brit idiomas" in Taubate, Brazil, which I owned and operated for 14 years.
Eventually, it started to take its toll on my enthusiasm for life. I'd spent my life watching my mother struggle with a restaurant that did little more than survive, and here I was doing the same thing with my own business.  I was unsettled, and inherently believed that there could be more.

This propelled me to find out how I could turn things around. Now that I've found and applied a new formula to my life, my mission is to share it with others. My vision is for every human being to be the greatest they can be, to achieve and have whatever they wish for and to have an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Training &Certificates

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Degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering

Robbins Madanes* Training Certificate in Strategic Intervention Coach Training

Robbins Madanes* Training Certificate in Marriage Education and Divorce Education

Tony Robbins Leadership (For Coaches and Leaders)

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny

* Robbins Madanes = Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes